06/16 - 07/08/16

"I’ve been training with Justin for a year, consistently and hard, 4-5 times per week.  In addition, Justin created an 18-day, three-hour-a-day Muay Thai summer camp for me.  Before meeting Justin, I had a good level of fitness from weight training and boot camp, basic skills in classic boxing, and zero experience in the martial arts. 


Justin met me at my level, carefully building my confidence and skill, all the while challenging me to achieve greater levels of technical precision and force.  Somewhere along the way, I began to notice tone and muscle definition beyond my wildest dreams.  The journey, the results, and my devotion to the art – all of that I credit to Justin’s technical mastery, affable nature, and tenacity as a coach and teacher.”

08/10 - 8/17/20

"Justin organized an eight-day fight-training camp for me in the Berkshires.   He meticulously planned and coordinated every aspect of the camp, gathering all the gear and designing every minute of the training for maximum effect.   He also coordinated with my weightlifting trainer to ensure that I would have the proper rest and nutrition, so that I could simultaneously develop fighting skills and retain my muscle mass.


Over the eight days, Justin created a crescendo of drilling and sparring, gradually working me up to Tournament Day on the last day -- with a day of rest before the big day.   Of course he would never really damage me, he was controlled yet hit me hard. On every day of the camp, he pushed me to the limits of my endurance and stamina -- and just a bit beyond.   I felt one particular kick for a couple of weeks after the camp, but of course there was no lasting damage.


I ended the camp with a sense of elation and accomplishment, achieving goals of fitness, endurance, and skill well beyond anything I might have imagined.   Justin motivated and inspired me throughout -- he's a true fighter and a consummate professional, and I'm ready to do it again -- but not right away!


In the afternoons, while I was resting, Justin trained my six-year-old son, who is a born fighter and a tough customer.   My son tells everyone that Justin is his favorite teacher, and I see why.   Justin patiently worked with him for two years, teaching him skills to the point where my son can now experience the elation of fighting.   In the future, my son will be my sparring partner, and I'm grateful to Justin for giving us a sport that both of us can enjoy."

- Martin C. 


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