"Justin is one of the best trainers I've worked with. I appreciate that he tailors his lessons based on your level and he has a keen sense of figuring this out by observing how you shadowbox, move around and your athletic background. Just after one class, I have a much better understanding of my weight distribution, stance, footwork and bad habits in Boxing. I highly recommend booking a class if you're serious about improving your boxing/kick boxing!"

- Genesis G.

Senior Finance Manager

"Training with Justin is awesome! That being said, I always wanted to try boxing as part of my fitness routine and even tried a group class. But a group class is useless if you don't know what you are doing. It's all about the proper form! I found Justin last year, started training one-on-one in November of 2018, and haven't looked back since!

I highly recommend one-on-one training with Justin. As part of my fitness routine, it has made a world of difference! We aim for 2 sessions a week but we always manage to get at least the one in. Just the one session seriously kicks butt - I sweat buckets and the hour flies by! You warm up, you shadowbox (still a work in progress but I have been making that progress!), do a variety of drills, and ab work that can bring tears to your eyes. I haven't jumped rope since kindergarten, and now I'm at the point where I have improved enough where I'm fast enough to do it continuously for several minutes, switching legs, toes, heals, etc.

Justin knows his stuff! He pays close attention and notices every detail. He's constantly pushing you to improve and he knows exactly how much you can take.

Definitely try Justin. Whatever your fitness level, you won't regret it and will keep coming back for more. I have more endurance and strength since I started this training. And Justin is super personable, fun, and  - I can't emphasize this enough - knows his stuff! He's a fighter - he's been doing this his whole life. If you're going to learn how to box, learn from the best!"

- Katerina S.

Executive Assistance 

"It was a great pleasure to train with Justin! I was looking to try out a private boxing session and he did an excellent job providing a phenomenal workout while making sure I was using good form when throwing the punches. His mitt work drills are top notch. He included some strength and conditioning towards the end which I though added a very good mix to the training session. 


Justin is also super friendly and patient. I highly recommend Justin to anyone living in NYC looking for a boxing trainer whether for fitness or competition. I know I'll be reaching out to him again whenever I'm in the area!"

- Giovanni P.

Personal Trainer

"I'm taking lessons from Justin. With his coaching expertise and superb attention to detail, you definitely progress each time. I record each session and I've noticed improvements from the videos. Justin works all aspects of Muay Thai from sharpening form through padwork, shadow boxing, clinch and light sparring to increasing cardio with various intense exercises. Every session is different, challenging yet exciting. With him being a National Champion, that gets me motivated to keep up and even try to train as hard as he does. I highly recommend training with Justin!"

- Jeff B.


So I'm currently working with Justin.
He's extremely qualified. He grew up doing the sport and fought at high level competitions. He's also work oriented. Do you want some guy or girl who's just doing it for the money or kind of knows what they're doing but only to a certain extent?? If you want to put in the energy, he's going to give back so much. I always had an itch for this kind of sport but never had the courage or know-how to begin. 1 on 1 is perfect because I can train in peace without the fear of others watching me stumble (I know that fear will come back to haunt me). Anyways he's brought out the boxer in me and is teaching me so many technical details and with such depth too. Why does he keep telling me I have to angle my block in this specific way or keep that right hand up? Because if I don't, then I'm that much more likely to get clipped by a good shot. He's always down to the details and that's #1 in any craft. I honestly feel like I have an edge on other people my level just because of that depth he's passed on to me. He knows when to push you and make you hurt so that he can bring out that hidden fighter in each of us. And when to slow down and tell you that you've done a great job so you don't burn out or get discouraged because we are fragile too.. I'm still going strong but I know it's not all up to the trainer. I have to put in work and show up consistently too. If you're serious then train with Justin.
Thank god I didn't settle for that guy who offered to train me in boxing at my local gym..

- Jason L.


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