Justin Ng was born and bred in NYC and is the founder and striking coach of Next-Gen Combat. Justin's martial arts journey began at age eleven where he spent three years learning the ropes boxing under Netherlands own and former WBO World Champion, Regilio Tuur.


Transitioning to the sport of Muay Thai (Thailand's national sport) was a natural progression for Justin as a martial artist because he was continuously seeking ways to mix up his stand up. Justin trains under Kru Brandon Levi of Evolution Muay Thai and is no stranger to stiff competition. In 2015, Justin captured the North American National title and was extended an invitation to represent Team USA at a World Tournament held in Benidorm, Spain. The following year, Justin's love and dedication for the sport brought him across the globe again to Carrara, Italy coaching and leading Team USA to gold. 


Justin started teaching group Muay Thai classes at age sixteen. With a sharp eye and high level understanding of the fight game, Justin has a wealth of knowledge to share with his students. He has ran camps for competition, corner work, and wrapped hands before bouts. Whatever your goals may be, always expect sessions from Justin to be technically sound, challenging and true to the sport. 


  • 2015 WKA JR. North American National Champion

  • 2015 WKA Worlds Tournament Team USA Athlete

  • 2016 WKA Worlds Tournament Team USA Coach 

  • 2018 USA Boxing Coach

  • U.S. Center SafeSport Trained Certification 

  • NYC Fight Medicine Certification   


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